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Teoria L

Secondo alcune analisi l’Italia è vittima di una sorta di patto sociale all’insegna della  low quality

v. Gambetta & Origgi: “We investigate a phenomenon which we have experienced as common when dealing with an assortment of Italian public and private institutions: people promise to exchange high quality goods and services (H), but then something goes wrong and the quality delivered is lower than promised (L). While this is perceived as ‘cheating’ by outsiders, insiders seem not only to adapt but to rely on this outcome. They do not resent low quality exchanges, in fact they seem to resent high quality ones, and are inclined to ostracise and avoid dealing with agents who deliver high quality …”

Articolo e Symposium sul change management

E’ uscito il vol. 20 di research in organizational change and development (ROCD, 2012) che contiene  l’articolo che ho scritto insieme a Eliana Minelli sul cambiamento organizzativo: An Integrative Conceptual Framework of Organizational Change: A ‘Triple Helix’ Model. Nell’ambito del prossimo Annual meeting dell’Academy of management a Boston (7 agosto 2012) Eliana Minelli interverrà al symposium con gli altri autori del volume.