Le parole contano

La storia e il linguaggio contano: come mostra l’approccio all’economia di deirdre mccloskey :  che nei suoi interventi come quello a EGOS 2011:  editorials  non risparmia critiche impietose alla mainstream degli economisti:

The progress of economic science has been seriously damaged. You can’t believe anything that comes out of [it]. Not a word. It is all nonsense, which future generations of economists are going to have to do all over again. Most of what appears in the best journals of economics is unscientific rubbish. I find this unspeakably sad. All my friends, my dear, dear friends in economics, have been wasting their time….They are vigorous, difficult, demanding activities, like hard chess problems. But they are worthless as science.

The physicist Richard Feynman called such activities Cargo Cult Science….By “cargo cult” he meant that they looked like science, had all that hard math and statistics, plenty of long words; but actual science, actual inquiry into the world, was not going on. I am afraid that my science of economics has come to the same point.

— (Deirdre McCloskey, The Secret Sins of Economics (2002), 41, 55f)[4]