L’Europa insegna all’America

L’esperienza decennale delle università europee attraverso il Bologna process è analizzata come fonte di insegnamenti utili per il sistema universitario americano: TheBolognaClub
Ecco un passo di questa ricerca:

Student “success” does not mean merely that you have been awarded a degree, but that you
have learned something substantial along the way and that the world knows what you have
learned, what skills you have mastered, and that you have the momentum to meet the rising
knowledge content of the global economy. This public evidence does not derive from
administering a test to a sample of students to prove that an institution “adds value” to
something that, at best, is indirectly taught. As Milena Bevc of the Institute for Economic
Research in Ljubljana, Slovenia encapsulated it, “knowledge distribution is not measured by a
PISA test.” If your discipline, institution, and system have all established and publicly
promulgated clear and discrete criteria for learning and thresholds of performance, that
evidence, in itself, creates a powerful endorsement.

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